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All I Want For Christmas (The MacKenzie Brothers #5)

All I Want For Christmas (The MacKenzie Brothers #5) - Liliana Hart

I didn't like the first story, Naughty or Nice. It started out okay. Thought it was weird how the hotel owner offers Kate his room and right away starts feeling up on her and how she immediately accepts his advances. I had to suspend my belief right there and just view this as a cheap way to get to the smut, but then the ending came up and left me confused, because... SPOILER!!! ...their meeting was planned from the start? It's not explained very clearly. END SPOILER!!!

The second story, A MacKenzie Christmas, was better but not by much. The characters at least have some back story this time around. I'm not crazy how the main characters fall in love so quickly however. It's sort of cute how they discover that they both have feelings for one another but to fall in love as soon as they confess to each other does not work for me.

So in the end, it felt like I wasted my time with this anthology. Both stories weren't good holiday reads so I would say it's best to skip this one.