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Unwrap My Package

Unwrap My Package - Adrian Cestone

This would have been better if it underwent some major editing. There were a lot of awkward sounding sentences and comma problems.

There were also some very curious word choices here like "man juice." What that is referring to I'll let you figure that out. The dialogue could also use some work in some places.

All that aside, I managed to read through this since there was something about the story that was appealing to me. I found the set up very peculiar, because David and Sam are best friends and yet they have this secret sexual relationship that's been going on for 3 years. David explains that one day they would have sex and the next day they would act like everything is normal. In the story, David has two flashbacks of these sexual encounters while he's waiting for Sam to come so they can get a Christmas tree, and as soon as they get to Sam's house, they have sex again. It's an odd relationship, and there isn't any real resolution in the end. We never find out why Sam keeps initiating this and what his feelings are, and David just goes long with it, because he enjoys it. It's also interesting in a way how David is referred to as gay by himself and Sam, but nothing is ever mentioned of Sam's sexual orientation so he isn't exactly perceived as gay while David is.