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Hired for the Boss's Bedroom

Hired for the Boss's Bedroom - Cathy Williams

Not good at all. There's nothing likable about Heather and Leo, and it seems downright forced that they are enemies. Heather hasn't even met Leo before. She's acquaintances with his mother and son since they are neighbors so she knows a little about him. But the minute she meets him at her front door, she starts criticizing him about how he's not spending enough time with his son. Leo of course dislikes her right away and acts like a complete jerk towards her. They pretty much act like this through the whole book. Lots of asshole behavior.

And yet, they fall in love. Somehow through their aggravation, they become attracted to one another. They don't act nicer to each other though, which astonishes me, but at the same time doesn't surprise me, because these are badly developed characters so surely the romance is going to bad as well.

I'm also having trouble remembering what happens in the book even though I read it about two weeks ago. Therefore, it's not a memorable read at all for me.