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The Rococo Room

The Rococo Room - Giselle Renarde

I thought the parts where Delia was in the museum painting were good. I liked seeing the romance starting to bloom between her and Jacob, the shepherd who resides in the magic painting.

What I didn't like were the parts spent in the 'real' world, because they were kinda boring. I wasn't too fond of Delia going after her old boyfriend and being obsessed about him. I wished she showed a bit more anger towards him once she does find him and finds out the truth, but I was glad that she got over him pretty quickly and tried to have an optimistic look on things instead of being depressed about her mistake.

My favorite part was the ending. I thought it was neat that Jacob... SPOILER AHEAD... turned out to be a real person, an artist who teaches painting classes at the same museum Delia works at, and that the painting Delia was in was actually some magical place that they can access through their minds. END SPOILER