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Bluebeard's Wife

Bluebeard's Wife - Selena Kitt

Not fond of this one. The husband calling phone sex lines right after he has sex with his wife bothered me. It was sad to me that he kept on doing that even though his wife was doing all the things that were in his sex fantasies. As I was reading, I kept on hoping that maybe there was real good explanation for his calls like maybe he's actually doing this as a job so he can earn more money or maybe he's experimenting and likes to to fulfill other women's sex fantasies...I don't know. I know these thoughts don't make sense and don't explain the huge phone bills that the wife finds in the beginning of the story, but I really wanted something better than a husband making calls, because his wife isn't satisfying him enough in bed.


Also thought the wife's best friend helping out was odd. It was unbelievable to me the way she happily agreed to be in the threesome with the wife and husband. There were also a couple scenes that felt tacked on such as the wife having sex with another woman in the bathroom.