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In the Barn (Sibling Lust #2)

In the Barn (Sibling Lust #2) - Selena Kitt

This is another Sibling Lust short story from Selena Kitt. Of course, the characters here are not blood related siblings. One of them is adopted, but I'll get to that later. First, I want to say that this was a tiny bit better than In the Fold. Like In the Fold, this one involves religion in some way. The synopsis says the characters are Amish, but I didn't know this beforehand and there isn't an obvious indication in the story itself that they are. Despite that, the religious angle was still there, and it does lend to the taboo nature of the story. It plays around with the idea of temptation and giving in to it. Eli and Sarah know what they are doing is bad and forbidden, ultimately a sin. Yet, they're giving in, because it feels so good. There's also an element of innocence thrown in since Eli and Sarah have these urges, but clearly don't know what it's all about.


Now back to the point about the characters not being blood related siblings. I have a feeling that this story was meant to be actual incest, but Kitt had to change it due to the censorship at Amazon. I wish she didn't have to resort to this, because I think I would have liked the story better in its original form. It would have made the taboo nature of it stronger.