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After the Fire (The Firefighter Trilogy, #1)

After the Fire (The Firefighter Trilogy, #1) - Kathryn Shay

Wow, I was really into this book. I downloaded this a long time ago, and I can't believe I had it sitting on my Kindle this whole time. I loved Megan and Mitch, the main characters of this novel, and I thought they made a great couple. By the time I got to the end of the book, I really felt for them, and I was super glad that they finally get to be together, because they had to overcome so much. I also liked the romance between Jenn and Grady. Their romance was a friends to lovers one, and it was interesting to see how they make that transition, because they were best friends since they were little kids.

I liked the big cast, and I thought it was neat that Mitch and his brother and sister were firefighters. Drawback was that sometimes it felt like there was too much going on, and it was hard to keep track of the characters at first.

Also thought there was a lot of infidelity going on and it was sort of odd how the majority of the characters are divorced or widowed. There were also a lot of emotional troubles in this story, and it can feel a little too much at times and can be a little depressing.

It is quite obvious that the author did her research on firefighters, because it shows in the details. Sometimes I felt like there was too much detail and found myself not particularly caring for it so I was skimming a bit, but I was only skimming over a couple of sentences or so.

Overall, this was a pleasant read so I will definitely be checking out Book 2!