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Lost Souls

Lost Souls - Selena Kitt

I believe this was also originally published with actual incest so yeah another censored one.

However, while the synopsis indicates that Lily and Adam are stepdaughter and stepfather, the actual story is pretty vague about this. I don't recall anything saying outright what their relationship is so I guess Kitt didn't really have to censor this one like the others. But I don't know for sure since I haven't read the anthology that Lost Souls first appeared in.

This also involves a religious theme since Adam is a preacher. He exclaims things like how Lily gave in to sin and how she needs to save her soul, and he also makes some references from the bible. This really had a strong sense of taboo and wrongness especially during the part where Adam punishes Lily, and yet at the same time I liked reading it. Gah. I guess I do like to push my limits.