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Willing Victim

Willing Victim - Cara McKenna

A nice read, but it feels like it's half finished. The ending was inconclusive since you don't know whether Flynn and Laurel get together or not. The story could have easily been expanded to a full novel exploring whether or not Flynn and Laurel fall in love and develop a deeper relationship. I would have love to have seen this, because I liked both of the characters, especially Flynn. On the outside he's a gruff, tough looking guy and you think he would be one of those silent types, but he's actually quite talkative and chatty. I liked how he's so straightforward with Laurel and tells her everything upfront.

I thought the bdsm and non-consent fantasy play wasn't too heavy. For the most part, it seems like rough sex, but there was one scene that made me a little uncomfortable since it involved acting out a rape fantasy but even that wasn't too bad. It doesn't get abusive or anything like that.