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On the Line (Berkley Sensation)

On the Line - Kathryn Shay

I'm really loving this series, but I have to say, I didn't like this one as much as After the Fire, because I didn't connect to the relationships as strongly.

The book follows two couples. One is Eve Woodward and Noah Callaghan. Eve is an investigator sent by officials to Hidden Cove in order to figure out what's been causing all these accidents in the local fire department. Noah being the fire chief is her main suspect. After a while they become attracted to one another, but due to their positions, things get a bit sticky. The second couple is Zach Malvaso and Casey Brennan. Both are firefighters, and both are trying to overcome their pasts and change for the better.

My favorite couple out of the two would have to be Eve and Noah. Even though there wasn't a whole lot of romancing and courting due to the investigation, I could still see the attraction between them due to the way they look out for one another. Spoiler!!! I just hope the next book holds answers to whether their relationship is going to work out or not, because at the end, they were both unsure what to do since one of them has to give up their job in order to be with the other. End Spoiler!!!

As for Zach and Casey, I liked them at first. It was great how they were finding a second chance at love, but when I got to the part where Zach was going to force Casey to have rough sex with him, I felt uncomfortable. Now, they both were at fault for leading up to that situation. Zach was moping about his ex and calls Casey a skank or something to that effect (can't remember and I don't have the book with me). Casey rightfully gets upset, drops everything, and leaves, but she goes back to Zach to talk it out with him. Unfortunately when she meets up with him, she says some crass remark which pisses Zach off, and Zach being buzzed after a few drinks from the bar just continues to be a grump and anything he says doesn't help the situation. This drives Casey to sleep with someone else, and she regrets it right after. Meanwhile, Zach sobers up, feels bad for the way he acted, and goes to apologize to Casey. He then finds out that she had sex, rough sex, with another guy. This upsets him, because he and Casey were tender and gentle with each other whenever they had intercourse since he values her so much after the crap he's been through. Thus, this brings us to the point where Zach tries to force Casey to have the rough kind of sex with him since he feels betrayed by her. Casey just stands there and lets him push her around, but fortunately, he backs off at the last minute before anything serious happen. *whew*

I don't like to summarize in my reviews, but that part stuck out to me. I was glad Zach and Casey eventually gave each other another chance, because they were good match. They just both majorly screwed up. However, I would have like to have seen more redemption especially from Zach, because he basically almost raped Casey (she was quiet when he was coercing her so consent is dubious at best) so I definitely wasn't into their relationship as much by the end of the book. Plus Zach seemed out of character to me during that rough scene, and it made me a little sad that it happened. But anyway, I hope they will make an appearance in the next book, because I want to see how they are getting along.

As for the suspense part, it wasn't extraordinary, but it was good. Most of it was in the background or some minor incidents that helped the plot along.It wasn't until the end where it then takes priority in the story. The novel mainly spends time on the emotional drama between the characters, which was ok with me.