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Torn - Erica O'Rourke

Source: Won a copy in a giveaway.

I thought it started out well, but as I read the book, I continued to dislike it more and more.

For one, I did not like the love triangle. It barely had a presence in the book, and when it was there it was just poor, like lazily put in in order to have some kind plot. I don’t even get why these two guys were falling for Mo since she barely has a personality other than being a teenager. Luc, the first love interest that pops up, was bland. I can’t even remember much about him other than being a standoffish boy with magical abilities. Granted I read this a month ago, but I do recall not liking him much since I found him mostly rude whenever the author tries to play him as a mysterious outsider. The other guy, Colin, I liked him a little more until he falls for Mo. I thought that was weird, because he seems so much older and more mature than her. I’m thinking he’s at least in his early to mid twenties and then Mo is still a senior in high school… so that doesn’t sit right with me, especially when there isn’t a good reason for his attraction to Mo. He’s her bodyguard and spends a lot of time being around her trying to protect her so I guess he would grow to care about her, but to be attracted to her? I didn’t buy it. He was just there to be the other guy in the triangle.

The whole magical line thing was very vague and isn’t explained very well. I just went along with it in order to enjoy what I could out of the story.

There isn’t a lot of action, and the little action at the end wasn’t very exciting. The magic stuff that happens isn’t expressed in a distinct matter so I couldn’t really get a good picture of what was going on.

One thing I did like about Torn was how Mo strongly cared about her friend and how she wanted to find out who killed her and why. I also found it interesting that Mo’s friend was the chosen one and how Mo eventually became her replacement as “the one.” However, the author does a poor job explaining how exactly that happened.

All in all, I do not recommend this, and I do not plan on reading the rest of the trilogy.