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Double Play

Double Play - Jill Shalvis

I really wanted to like this book, but sadly, I couldn’t get into it.

Major flaw for me was the romance. I did not feel any chemistry between Pace and Holly. They were likable, and I liked the set-up of a romance between a reporter and a baseball player, but they turned out to be flat characters. I felt like I never really got to know them well enough, and I definitely did not see why or how they were attracted to each other.

I have to give credit to the author on managing to make baseball somewhat interesting, because I’m not a baseball fan by any means. However, I didn’t like how it was a huge focus in the book. I didn’t mind the talk about the game and how Pace’s team was doing, but when it got to the steroid scandal near the end, I tuned out. The steroids bit felt unoriginal to me, and I wished the author went with something different and less obvious. Most preferably, I wished she spent more time developing Pace and Holly and their relationship.

Despite the flaws, I will check out the sequel since I do like the author’s writing.