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Slow Heat

Slow Heat  - Jill Shalvis

The Cover: I like the orange and the overall design of the cover, but there is something off about the man's chest. It looks Photoshopped, especially when you look at the physical copy of the book.

The Story: Not as boring as Double Play which is good. I also liked Sam and Wade better since their personalities were more fully developed and I had a better sense of who they were. Their romance wasn't any better though. Their interactions with each other were entertaining, and I could feel the sexual tension between them, but I felt like it was just stalling throughout the whole book until the abrupt end where Wade finally has a revelation and confesses he loves Sam.

For the most part, it felt like the story was hastily thrown together and wasn't very well thought out and edited. One nitpick: I remember that the author refers to iPhones (I think Wade has one.), yet the video game systems people are playing in the book are Xboxes and Game Boys. An Xbox definitely seems outdated for a baseball clubhouse if the players can afford iPhones. An Xbox 360 would have made more sense.