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Hard and Fast (Fast Track Series)

Hard and Fast  - Erin McCarthy

The Cover: It's sexy. Oh yeeeah. Funny story though. When I checked this out from the library, my mom was with me and asked me what I got. Trying not to give a darn and not be embarrassed about what I read, I handed her over the two books I borrowed. One was a mystery book with cats on the cover and the other was this book. She doesn't know I'm a romance reader so I'm trying to play it cool like it's no big deal, but I was worried that with a combination of a sexy cover with a shirtless man and a sexual innuendo of a book title would cause her to ask "What in world are you reading?" But all I heard from her was a "huh" and she gave me back my books. Whew.


The Story: So so close to loving this as much as the first book. It just felt like something was missing in the romance department. Loved the characters. Loved their chemistry. But there was something about how their relationship progressed that didn't grab me like the other novel. I guess there wasn't enough strong bonding moments maybe? Like, I loved the part where Ty takes Imogen to his stock car racing garage, shows her around and introduces her to his crew, and tells her all about stock car racing, but I didn't like the camping trip that took place after that. That part was kind of blah. Also, maybe sex came around too easy and too a bit too often? The sex was hot no doubt, and I was happy to see Imogen and Ty getting closer to each other. Hmmm... I also think that there was also a lack of conflict until the end when Ty's dyslexia is brought up, but that got resolved way too quickly. It would have been better if that was brought up earlier in the story. Ah well.