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Long Hard Ride (Rough Riders, #1)

Long Hard Ride (Rough Riders, #1) - Lorelei James

The Cover: I like it. I like how everything is brown except for the jeans. That's neat. The picture on closer inspection seems a bit cut and paste though, like the cowgirl, cowboy, and backgrounds came from different photos and was put together to make the cover, but it isn't too bad of a job done.

The Story: I think I'm starting to have a thing for cowboys and Long Hard Ride mildly satisfied that craving. I liked the scenario, and I liked rodeos as the setting, and I also didn't mind the overabundance of sex scenes, but I just could not get into the characters. At first I thought the main couple, Colby and Channing, were fine, but by the end of the book I didn't like them much. Colby ultimately seemed like a jerk. I didn't like how he got mad at Channing for something that wasn't her fault, and he didn't really apologize to her for that. I disliked Channing when she left without saying goodbye to Colby when he was in the hospital.