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The Chase (Fast Track Series)

The Chase - Erin McCarthy

The Cover: It's not as hot as the other covers, but it's nice. I like how they included a woman since this one has a female racer and a male racer together as the main couple.

The Story: And I thought Hot Finish (Book 3) was bad! This one was way worse. I actually sorta liked it at first since I thought it was neat to have a female racer on the scene, and Kendall and Evan had some good chemistry going on. But later on in the book the author decides to pull a surprise baby! Ok, maybe not a total surprise since I had a feeling that something might come out of Evan having a one night stand with one of Nikki's friends (This happened in Book 3), and things were going too smoothly for the most part in The Chase. I thought this was a poor move on the author's part. If she felt that the book needed more conflict it should have been about Evan and Kendall trying to figure how they're going to make their relationship work as they maintain their careers and also figure out if or when they want to start a family, especially since racing is Kendall's dream. I would have much rather read about that instead of this tossed in cheap baby drama and then being left wondering if Evan is really the father.

That's right in this book we don't know whether Evan is the father in the end. You have to wait until the next book to find out.

So yeah, I couldn't stand the novel once I got to that certain part. I had to skim from thereon, because it I couldn't take it.