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Slow Ride (Fast Track Series)

Slow Ride - Erin McCarthy

The Cover: I like the sea green color. The guy's body looks weird though, like he's sitting on a car, but his torso is so straight... Plus Diesel, the main man in the story, is suppose to have a beard.

The Story: A slight improvement over the The Chase but not much. Again, I liked the beginning. I thought it started out strongly enough, but then it just falls apart. For the most part, Tuesday and Diesel don't do a lot of getting to know each other. It felt to me that most of their interactions were based around sex. Sex scenes were hot yeah, but I need more substance than that, especially since Diesel proposes to Tuesday in the end. Yeah, really. They only been around each other for about what... a month at least? I'm not really liking how the author is making all the characters get married so quickly.

Conflict is introduced too late  into the story and as soon as it was introduced the book solved it in less than twenty pages with a cheap and easy ending.  I wish this book focused more on the grief Tuesday and Diesel were going through. I would have rather seen them work through their grief together and become closer in that process, but no, we mostly get sex and Tuesday being an obnoxious drunk.

I really hope that the next book is better. The first two novels were fun and really good, but now I'm starting to see a pattern to this author's writing, at least in this series: introducing a twist or tragedy too late in the story and then not having a conclusive ending. I hope this changes, and I hope she incorporates the stock racing aspect a little more. It's been serving merely as a backdrop to the story, and I think it would be more interesting if it was involved more in the plot.