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For the Love of Books (Heartsong Presents - Contemporary)

For the Love of Books - Donna Reimel Robinson

The Cover: The title caught my eye with this one. I was up for a romance involving books and libraries.


The Story: Okay, I did not realized this was a christian romance, but it was still a good story to pass the time. I thought Callie and Lane made a cute couple. It did kind of annoy me though that Lane kept trying to take Callie's glasses off. If I remember correctly, he in the end paid for her corrective eye surgery that way she didn't have to wear glasses anymore? (I really should write these reviews when I still have the book on hand. ^^;) I found that a little annoying, because it wasn't for a medical reason really. It's just so that her beautiful face isn't hidden by her big ol' glasses. Huh. I wear glasses. I would like to have seen Callie stay the way she was and be beautiful and happy with Lane, but instead, she has to change so she can be absolutely, perfectly beautiful and happy with Lane.