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Chrysanthemum (Flowers of Camelot, Book One)

Chrysanthemum (Flowers of Camelot, Book One) - Anny Cook

Cover impression: LOL the guy on the cover looks tired, but hey there's a green dragon.

Anyway, the story was a little odd but amusing. The setting was basically a futuristic King Arthur society set on another planet where sex is a big focus? I don't know. That's what I got out of it. It wasn't too out there to make it unreadable. There's a mating between a woman and a dragon, because apparently there aren't any female dragons around to make babies with. (Although, I think it turns out that the woman is actually a female dragon? Not sure. The way this detail was handled at the end made it confusing.) There's also some menage. It was just some short scenes between Gareth, Chrysanthemum, and Gareth's brother. Apparently it's royal tradition that the witness, Gareth's brother in this case, has to take part of the consummation.

It's not fantastic by any means. The plot is sort of all over the place and could have been worked out a bit more, but I'm intrigued enough to keep reading on in this series. Hopefully, it gets better.