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Cowgirl Up and Ride (Rough Riders series, #3)

Cowgirl Up and Ride  - Lorelei James

Much, much better than Long Hard Ride and Rode Hard, Put Up Wet. I actually liked all the characters this time around including Cord. Sometimes he was too gruff, but he definitely redeemed himself in the end when he finally figured out his feelings. He and AJ made a good couple and had good chemistry. I just found it a little odd how AJ was in love with Cord since she was five, but that's a minor issue since it only served to set up the story. Plus, I think it was meant to be like a crush that she held on to. It just wasn't described exactly like that. Anyway, I liked how she boldly went after Cord once she was mature enough to do so. It was funny how she caught Cord's attention and how he was surprised that this sexy lady dancing at the bar was AJ.

The story was better too. It had a serious side to it since a few McKay family members have some drinking problems and a tragedy occurs resulting from it. I thought those parts were weaved in pretty well along with Cord and AJ's romancing.