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Dragon Down Under (Dragon Down Under, #1)

Dragon Down Under (Dragon Down Under, #1) - Angela Castle I liked it even though it had some problems. Kaden was too alpha male and controlling. He's a dragon shifter yeah yeah, but I don't like the way he claims Terrie and takes over her life, basically becoming his property. I mean, I don't mind the whole claiming a mate thing, especially in shifter romances, but the way it's used here doesn't work. The story could have been a lot better if more time was spent developing Terrie and Kaden's relationship instead of sex, sex, sex. After all, it seemed to me like an important plot point that Terrie was upset for having to sell her family's land, and I was expecting her and Kaden (he's the new owner, her new boss) to go through some rough patches as they get to know one another, but that didn't happen. Terrie accepts Kaden the instant she meets him. :-/