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Dragon Heat

Dragon Heat - Allyson James

Not the strongest world building, but I liked this. It was better than Dragon Down Under, a dragon shifter romance that I just read before this one. (I’ve been in the mood for dragons.) Caleb wasn’t very controlling which was good. It was neat how he was in dragon form for a good number of times throughout the book. I also thought it was cute how he learns what it’s like to be human and adjusts to living in the human world.

Including Chinese culture was a plus. I don’t know whether or not if any of it was accurate, but I was definitely happy and surprised that many of the characters were Asian. One of the witches is Japanese while the rest are Chinese. Lisa herself is part Chinese and part Scottish so yay for having a mixed protagonist! (I’m a mixed person myself. :D )

I didn’t really feel much for the romance between Lisa and Caleb. Their relationship kinda felt… empty? Like I couldn’t feel the attraction they had for one another. Eh, I wasn’t too put off by it since the plot kept me reading.