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Jacked Up (Fast Track Series)

Jacked Up - Erin McCarthy

Ugh. This series has been a total disappointment. I only liked the first two books. After that it went straight downhill for me.

I thought the beginning was alright. Nolan ripping his pants and showing his naked ass was pretty funny I admit. Eve was annoying with her crabby attitude, but it was tolerable. I couldn’t stand her after a while though. She is messed up. I thought this book would do her justice by explaining what’s going on with her, why she acts the way she does, but it doesn’t. It just makes her seem really bitchy. D: She makes a lot rude remarks to Nolan which I guess were suppose to be funny? Nah…

I really hated the wedding part. I found it very cliche. And everything after that I absolutely hated. I had to skim it. Eve was like a complete wreck after that point going back and forth on what she wants, and Nolan… why does he even like her?