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Trey (Red, Hot & Blue, #1)

Trey (Red, Hot & Blue, #1) - Cat Johnson

Slow start, but things got... interesting once the rescue mission starts. A bit of suspension of disbelief was required for me, because I don't think a civilian would be easily taken on an operation just like that even in an emergency. The whole voyeurism/exhibition thing with the "we must have sex in order to distract the terrorists" bit was sorta icky to me. Carly doesn't know that the room she and Trey are staying in is bugged with cameras, and Trey doesn't tell her outright that they need to distract the guards by putting on a show for them. D: I found it all hot, yeah, but Carly not knowing exactly what was going on turned me off a little.

Trey and Carly didn't have much chemistry together. I thought Carly was better with Jack. The ending was cute though with Jack making Trey and Carly get together since he sees that Carly likes Trey better than him.