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Doubtless (Irresistible Attraction)

Doubtless - Cat Grant

Source: ARC from publisher.

Reading Challenges: Goodreads.

My Thoughts: I got a review request for this one, and I accepted it since the synopsis seemed interesting, and I liked the excerpt. It turned out to be nothing special though.

It was a nice story, yeah. I gotta point out that it's not really a romance which isn't a bad thing. It's more about a man coming to terms with his attraction to men. The ending was encouraging, but it was a downer since (view spoiler) In fact, I think the best parts were with Dylan since he was an enjoyable fellow. Steve... is an alright character, but I had trouble connecting to him. The story is kinda rushed so there isn't much time spent getting to really know him. Plus, I think the writing was sorta confusing at times explaining Steve's history.

I can't say I would recommend this one. There isn't enough substance here to make it worthwhile.