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Ali's Art

Ali's Art - J.T. Harding

I thought some of the sex scenes were hot, but the story was not strong enough, and it felt like it was dragging. The characters were uninteresting and unrealistic. I thought Tom was too laid back and easygoing and didn't have much of personality. It was ridiculous how women were instantly attracted to him and wanted to have sex with him. Ali was ridiculous too in how she's teases herself with Tom. She claims that she's gay, but she keeps flirting with him, touching him, asking him to pose for erotic photos and basically has sex with him (she thinks as long as she doesn't have his penis in her vagina, it doesn't count as anything).


I was going to try to finish this, because I was curious if Ali and Tom were going to end up in a relationship, because you know, it's okay to not be strictly gay or strictly straight. It's okay for Ali to be gay, but somehow for some reason is attracted to Tom who is man. Sexual orientation, I believe, is a spectrum or scale. Not every single person in world is going to fit into these neat, little categories. But, oh well. I couldn't pull through with this one.