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A Hint of Rapture

A Hint of Rapture - Miriam Minger

Source: Freebie from Amazon.

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My Thoughts: The first few pages were kinda hard to get through, because basically they set up the background to this war that's going on, but after that I really got into it.

I liked Captain Garrett Marshall. He definitely grew throughout the story, and I felt so much for him when he tries to help out Maddie and her people. Maddie on the other hand I didn't like as much. I thought she was cool for being a strong leader and doing these raids to get food for her clan, but near the end, I hated the way she kept accusing Garrett of being a spy and wouldn't simply trust him after the things he has done for her. I mean, I understand that she wouldn't fully trust him right away, but c'mon, she shouldn't have acted so paranoid about Garrett. Ugh. And I hated how this really dragged the book out. I kept on reading straight on through this part, because I really wanted to see them happy together. ;_; (Lol. There is a happy ending of course.)

But anyway, I thought it was a good story. I really enjoyed the time period and setting. It's not something I'm familiar with.