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Running Hot (EMS Heat, #1)

Running Hot - Stephani Hecht

Source: A freebie from All Romance eBooks.

Reading Challenges: Sexy Series, Men In Uniform

My Thoughts: A doctor and a paramedic...ooh hot.

I thought this was a cute short story. A bit too short and the ending was rushed, but I enjoyed it anyways. James and Dr. Dane had some good chemistry together.

Only things that annoyed me were the chasing around the homeless man part (that scene seemed a bit too silly) and the grumpy female nurse who has a cold heart (too stereotypical).

I think I'll give this series a shot. I just hope the next book is longer and more time is spent on developing the characters. *peeks at page count for #2 and sees that it's 82 pages* Eh well, I hope the characters are better handled.