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Inheritance (Inheritance Cycle Series #4)

Inheritance - Christopher Paolini

Source: Bought it. Heck I even pre-ordered it. Luckily I used a gift card.

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My Thoughts: This book. THIS BOOK. It's just... ugh.

I'm not exactly a fan of the Inheritance series, but ever since I read Eragon back in high school, I stuck with it, because I wanted to see how it unfolded.

Let's just say after reading- okay skimming Inheritance, I'm selling my books to the used bookstore. Books 1-3 were tolerable, but this was just plain awful.

So much of it felt like filler, because hardly anything happened. So much of it was filled with useless descriptions, and there were these constant battles that weren't very interesting... it was all just very boring.

Then when the important stuff happens, it was all just a big letdown. Plus, the ending was really not conclusive.

I feel that book 4 shouldn't really exist. It's very drawn out. They should have stuck to 3 books for this series.