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The Geek Job

The Geek Job - Eve Langlais

Source: Was free for a limited time on All Romance eBooks.

Reading Challenges: Why Buy the Cow?, What an Animal.

My Thoughts: I'm always up for romances involving nerdy/geeky/science-y type people (because I'm one myself :P) so when I saw The Geek Job for free, I pounced on it right away.

I thought it was cute how the couple was a female werewolf and a male scientist, especially since the female werewolf is an alpha, aggressive type and the male scientist was a typical shy guy. I haven't come across that kind of combination too often in the romances I read so I enjoyed it very much. But it was weird how Lexie, the werewolf, kept referring Anthony as her "big geek." I think it was supposed to be endearing but it just seemed odd to me.

This is an erotic romance so there's a lot of sex. Maybe a bit too much, because I thought it got tedious. Luckily there was a turn of events in the middle which broke it up, and it finally got more into the plot. I thought the ending was kinda silly concerning how Anthony is able to be with Lexie. But hey, it was a fun read.