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Heidi and the Kaiser

Heidi and the Kaiser - Selena Kitt

Source: A loan on the Kindle.

Reading Challenges: Goodreads Challenge.

My Thoughts: A lot more bad than good in this one. I didn't like Kaiser. He had no personality, and he basically took control of Heidi. I didn't see their relationship as dom/sub, but as a powerful CEO taking advantage of a female employee. Heidi wasn't a well-rounded character either. It was weird how she gave into Kaiser right away.

And it's odd that I didn't like this, because I've read some hardcore boss/employee erotica (Dude. I will basically read anything or at least try anything in erotica. >_>) where the employee or secretary ends up doing some pretty humiliating stuff, and I liked it. o_o;;;;;; I think I was turned off by Heidi and the Kaiser, because it tries to to be romantic and have Heidi and Kaiser fall in love. The ending for example tries to be sweet since it's the most perfectly happily ever after with Kaiser proposing and all. I think that turned me off, because I can't find their relationship romantic or even believe that they fell in love with each other. There's just no way.