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Magic's Pawn (Last Herald Mage Series #1)

Magic's Pawn - Mercedes Lackey

Source: Bought at used bookstore. The cover caught my eye. (mass market paperback: 0886773520)

Reading Challenges: What an Animal

My Thoughts: Yes! A gay protagonist in a fantasy novel! Finally! When I picked this up, I definitely wasn’t expecting that, but I was pleasantly surprised.

I kinda got lost in the fantasy aspect of the world. It felt like some things weren’t explained. Like the Companions… they’re white, magical horses, but what’s their purpose? There’s a series before this one, and I haven’t read those books so perhaps it’s explained there.

What kept me reading was Vanyel’s journey to becoming a powerful mage. There is a lot of emotional turmoil and angst, and honestly, most of it was over the top and melodramtic–but I liked it. Even though it was annoying how Vanyel spent about the last half of the book crying and suffering, I was rooting for him all the way.