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Kingdom Hearts: v. 2 (Kingdom Hearts) (Kingdom Hearts Junior Novels)

Kingdom Hearts, Vol. 2 - Shiro Amano

Okay, I'm really skipping around in the Kingdom Hearts manga series since I've read volume 1 of Kingdom Hearts II first, and now, I'm reading volume 2 of Kingdom Hearts. Yup. I can't help it though since my brother wanted to check this out from the library, and I would rather read this now than borrow it again later. I've played the video games anyway so I already know the story.

With that said, the manga doesn't follow the game exactly, but I wasn't expecting it to be. Some scenes are changed, expanded, or omitted to make it better for story telling.

The art is okay. The Disney characters look good for the most part. In particular, I thought Jasmine looked a bit off.

The only thing I didn't like and is the reason why I had to give this 2 stars instead of 3 was because of the pacing. This comic rushes through the storyline so quickly that it feels like an outline of what happened in the game. Some of the chapters were only a few pages long, and some of them ended abruptly. It's probably like this, because they were aiming for younger kids with the manga, but I wish they would have made this a proper retelling of Kingdom Hearts and took the time to tell the Sora's adventure.