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The Dragon Ball: Vol 6 (Dragon Ball Chapter Books)

Dragon Ball, Vol. 6: Bulma Returns! (Dragon Ball, #6) - Akira Toriyama

Another entertaining volume of Dragon Ball even though there are some major pervy moments. For instance, Muten Rōshi uses Bulma's microwatch to shrink himself so he can sneak into the bathroom while Bulma is in there. He didn't get a good peek like he wanted and he fell into the toilet, which is funny, but still... it's kinda creepy when you think about it.

The artwork is fantastic as always. It's very easy to understand what's going on, even in the fight scenes. There's good use of including backgrounds and using different perspectives. I also love some of the facial expressions characters make. It never gets old when characters have their eyes bulging out in shock, because they're surprised at Goku's strength.

Moments I liked:
-Goku punches Sergeant Major Purple in the face and the sergeant flies all the way across the room and into a wall.
-Goku goes up against a jiggly monster named the Jiggler.
-Goku has a hard time finding Bulma in West City. He asks random people where she lives.
-We get to meet Bulma's mom and dad, and her frustration with them is pretty funny.
-Bulma goes along with Goku on his quest to find his grandfather's dragon ball. I like it when she's around. She makes the story fun even though she's a constant target for perverts. I know Toryiyama doesn't use his female characters very well in the Dragon Ball and Dragonball Z series, but at least in Dragon Ball, Bulma plays an important part.
-General Blue orders a man who picked his nose to be executed (I laughed out loud at that one).
-General Blue orders the gunner on his submarine to be executed when their attacks missed. (I wonder if this will be continuing pattern with General Blue?)