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Wolf at the Door

Wolf at the Door - MaryJanice Davidson

I did not like this one. It was all nonsense to me. There's barely a plot, and the mystery about the murders is badly handled. I could hardly understand what in world was going on, and I didn't care to. The characters don't have much depth to them. Rachael, the main female protagonist, is yet another one of Davidson's sarcastic characters. The main male protagonist, Edward, is supposed to be a geek. Therefore, the author makes him drop pop culture references all the time, which I quickly found to be irritating. These two, Rachael and Edward, fall in love at the speed of light, and I'm not kidding. They bump into each other at a Barnes and Noble, and suddenly they're drooling over each other.

The characters from the Undead series make cameos. To me, they didn't act the same like in the Undead books, but maybe that's due to this story not being narrated from Betsy's point of view, because Betsy and her pals seemed a little less crazy/annoying. HOWEVER, there are some major inconsistencies with Undead and Undermined. Marc is suddenly now a zombie, and there is no explanation to this AT ALL. It's just dropped into there like it's no big deal. There's also no mention of the newly revived Garret and Antonia. Grrr.... It makes me kind of question whether the author is actually keeping track of what she's writing.