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Dragonball: v. 8 (Dragon Ball Chapter Books)

Dragon Ball, Vol. 8: Taopaipai and Master Karin (Dragon Ball, #8) - Akira Toriyama

It seems the Red Ribbon saga is almost at its end. Here are my favorite moments:
-Taopaipai. I thought General Blue was nuts, but this guy... he's a master assassin. Truly. He can kill people with his tongue! In one strike!
-It was funny how Taopaipai got upset about Goku ruining his clothes. He even makes Commander Red wait three days for his Dragon Balls, just so he can get a new outfit.
-Goku manages to fight the entire Red Ribbon army at their headquarters.
-Commander Red reveals that he wants the Dragon Balls so he can become taller, not for world domination. Ha.

I think the only thing I could nitpick about the series so far is how Goku easily defeats the bad guys (after a bit of training of course). But Dragon Ball is a comedy/adventure so an unstoppable kid like Goku is fitting.