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Dragon Ball: 7 (Dragon Ball Chapter Books)

Dragon Ball, Vol. 7: General Blue and the Pirate Treasure (Dragon Ball, #7) - Akira Toriyama

A fun read as always. I'll just list some of my favorite parts:
-The Turtle Hermit beating up the Red Ribbon Army.
-Lunch sneezing and taking out a couple of RR guys.
-Bulma's flirting failing to work on General Blue.
-General Blue freaking out when he sees a mouse.
-Bulma hiding a huge diamond in her underwear.

I didn't really like the chapters with the Dr. Slump characters. It's a nice cameo for those who are familiar with Dr. Slump, which is another manga by Toriyama, but for those like me who aren't, it's odd and a little out of place. Despite that, I still found those chapters pretty funny.