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Angelic Layer: v. 1 (Angelic Layer (Tokyopop))

Angelic Layer, Vol. 01 - CLAMP

I actually watched the anime first and thought it was pretty good. The manga that it is based on is almost as good.

I like the story and characters. Misaki's eeking can be a little annoying, because she does it every time she gets scared, but it didn't bother me too much. I like her and how she 's excited to play Angelic Layer. I like all the other characters as well. Icchan is especially hilarious being the weirdo lab scientist. There is a running gag of bystanders commenting how he's so strange or creepy.

I think the main problem I see so far is that it doesn't go into as much depth as the anime. In the anime, the characters are fleshed out much more. The anime also does a better job of depicting the battles, because the manga relies too heavily on speed lines when the battle dolls are fighting, and it's hard to get a good sense of their movements.