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Crown of Love Volume 1

Crown of Love Volume 1 - Yun Kouga

This manga was alright, but it didn't pull me in.


The story is mediocre. It's just about a guy who falls in love with an idol when he first sees her, and he is willing to do anything to meet her again. Of course once he meets her, the idol doesn't return his feelings so now he's on a quest to win her over. Boring. The author doesn't even really do anything to spice it up a little. I'm disappointed she didn't make this story darker, because to fall in love with an idol the instant you see them and then obsess about them isn't exactly healthy. But this a romance (I'm assuming), and Hisayoshi isn't painted as a creep, but as a lovestruck teen. Again, boring. But maybe the next volume will be better, because this one mainly focuses on Hisayoshi finding a way to be near Rima.


The other characters aren't any better. They're typical and run-of-the mill. I was particurlary annoyed by the little kid who serves sort of as a sidekick to Hisayoshi, and I hope he doesn't pop up again in the other volumes, but I bet he has some significant part to play later on.


The art is good. It's easy to tell who is who, but the character designs are plain, especially for supporting characters.


The narration of the story is okay. I could follow what was going on, but there are a number of flashbacks thrown in, and the author doesn't make it obvious when there is one.