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Vampire Knight: 5

Vampire Knight, Vol. 05 - Matsuri Hino, Tomo Kimura

I'm not buying the whole vampire politics with the purebloods. I find it odd that purebloods are so highly important and revered that the vampire senate will execute anybody who kills one. I mean Shizuka, a pureblood, murdered Zero's family, who are vampire hunters, and since it looked like Zero killed Shizuka, the senate wants to assassinate him. You think they would cut Zero some slack there, but I guess purebloods are that important.

I've also realized with this volume that the author's narrating style isn't very good, because the vampire politics and plot points are quite unclear and confusing to understand. Most of the time I couldn't tell when the story went to a flashback. It's also hard to tell which characters are talking, because of the way the speech bubbles are organized and drawn.

The characters are still not distinct. More is revealed about Zero's past, and Kaname is up to something, but everyone lacks a personality that isn't all gloom and doom.

Complaints aside, I'm going to keep on reading, because I'm curious where the author is going with this.