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Mars: v. 1 (Mars (Tokyopop))

Mars #1 - Fuyumi Soryo

Yup, five stars. I had to give it that, because I read the whole volume in one sitting, and it's not too often that I get sucked into a book or manga.

However, I know this manga isn't for everyone. It's cliched. It's a romance between a bad boy and a shy girl, which has done been many times before, and it's full of angst. Sweet, sweet angst. And there's a mean girl who tries to break them up, of course. There's also some over the top moments that might make you roll your eyes.

So why did I like it? Strong storytelling. The author does a good job of conveying the characters' emotions through her art and narration. I liked the chemistry between Kira and Rei. There are also some disturbing moments, but I liked it. It's good drama. The art is also fantastic. It's easy to tell who is who, and the style is pretty.

I can't wait to get volume 2 from the library. Hopefully, it's just as good.