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No Dress Required (Love Required, #1)

No Dress Required (Love Required, #1) - Cari Quinn

Source: Loaned on the Kindle. (ASIN: B006QRBIKM)

Reading Challenges: Sexy Series, Erotic Enchants’s Read, Rate, and Review, Where Are You Reading?

My Thoughts: Cute in a way. I liked the author’s writing style, but overall I could not connect to the characters. They were awkward. The dialogue was awkward. They didn’t seem real to me.

Noelle was an idiot. The way she handled the carjacker was ridiculous. Jake was bland and boring. I didn’t really understand how his feelings for Noelle formed. Was he attracted to her all along or just now or what? And I didn’t understand at all why he was attracted to Noelle.

It was also weird how Jake’s ex-girlfriend kept being brought up. The story of the ex-girlfriend becoming a nun was a bit odd, especially since there wasn’t a lot of detail explaining why she left Jake, but I guess it was good as a joke.

I don't recommend this.