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Ielle: A Realm of Janos Novel

Ielle:  A Realm of Janos Novel - Andre SanThomas

Source: Borrowed on the Kindle. (ASIN:B006SLDKGQ)

Reading Challenges: Erotic Enchants’s Read, Rate, Review; Sexy Series

My Thoughts: Hm. Interesting master & slave fantasy erotica. There is a lot of sex which got to be a little boring for me (the writing wasn’t very sexy) and the outcome of the plot wasn’t very surprising (It was frustrating how long it took for the characters to figure out who the perpetrator was especially when it was so obvious.), but overall I liked this book. I wasn’t turned off by the way women were treated as property in the story. (For instance, Ielle is naked throughout the whole story. Another thing that sticks out in my mind was how Kyr, her master, tied her hands and laid her on her belly across on his mount like baggage.) I guess I don’t mind this idea when I read erotica, and in this particular book, I found the world that the author created to be intriguing at least. I also found the customs the characters performed sensual and not crude. I will likely read the next novel if I get my hands on it.