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C791 (Cyborgs: More Than Machines series #1)

C791 - Eve Langlais

Source: Freebie from All Romance eBooks (isbn: 0986915483, ebook)

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My Thoughts: Science fiction romances usually don’t hit the right spot for me, but C791 did. I enjoyed it a lot. What I liked the best was the world that Langlais built. I thought she did a good job explaining how the cyborgs were seen as not human even though they used to be people. She also does a good job of showing how Joe and the other cyborgs don’t feel human since the technology implanted in their brains stripped away their personalities and any memories of their previous lives.

I wasn’t too crazy about the romance though. I liked seeing Chloe and Joe together, but maybe there was too much focus on sex? And it didn’t help that the sex wasn’t very sensual.

I definitely loved the twist surrounding Chloe. I didn’t see it coming. And I liked how that twist complicates the issue of being cyborg versus being human, showing that there isn’t a clear cut line between the two. It’s also a pretty dark twist since who knows how much abuse Chloe went through with the military while she was incapacitated.