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Arisa 1

Arisa tom 1 - Natsumi Ando

Why did I read this: I've read Kitchen Princess and Zodiac P.I., which are also from Natsumi Ando. Although I didn't think highly of those manga, I still enjoyed them, and I wanted to see if the author improved in her latest work.

Characters: The characters aren't really distinct and don't stand well on their own. Luckily, the story makes up for that. I did like how Tsubasa, the main protagonist, deeply cares for her twin sister and doesn't back down in trying to solve the mystery as to what's going on.

Story: The story is the best part about the manga. The mystery part of it drew me in, and I couldn't stop reading, because I wanted to find out what was going to happen next.

Art: The art is a bit cleaner than the art in Kitchen Princess and Zodiac P.I. The flow of the panels are also better, and most of the time you can tell what's going on.

Conclusion: I'm surprised that I really liked this manga. It is definitely a page-turner thanks to the suspense and mystery. It's going on my to-buy list for sure, and hopefully the next volume is just as good.

Edit (7/30/11): Reread this again since I bought volume 2 and 3, and I wanted to refresh my memory on the story. It's still one of those manga that I wouldn't mind reading over and over again, but it didn't capture my attention like it did the first time I read it. Therefore, I'm going to have to knock it down to three stars. I still like it, but I can see that it could use some work.