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My Outlaw

My Outlaw - Linda Lael Miller

Source: Bought at used bookstore. (ISBN: 0671873180, Mass Market Paperback)

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My Thoughts: A time travel romance. I wasn't into this one. Keighly was annoying and sometimes too weepy. I hated how she kept obsessing over her unborn child. I couldn't believe that she and Darby fell in love the way they did. They may have known each other for a long time by getting to see each other through the mirror, but I couldn't believe that once they actually met in the same time period that they would instanty fall in love and get married in an instant. It's way too fast.

What really annoyed me though was how the time travel stuff became inconsistent. Stuff happened just because, and it never felt like Keighly or Darby had to work against the tragedies that were set out to happen. Their happy ending just came naturally and easily.