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Rough, Raw and Ready (Rough Riders series #5)

Rough, Raw, and Ready  - Lorelei James


From the library! Waited quite a while for them to get it, but it was worth it. (isbn 13: 9781605044040)

Reading Challenges:

-Sexy Series (I’m trying to read 6 books from the Rough Riders series. This is my 5th.)

-Where Are You Reading? (Takes place in Wyoming.)

My Thoughts:

I thought was it was natural the way Trevor, Edgard, and Chassie’s relationship progressed to a permanent threesome. It didn’t seem forced. The only major gripe I had was how Chassie quickly accepted Trevor and Edgard’s relationship. I was expecting her to struggle or feel uncomfortable with it a little longer than she had in the story.

Even though I liked how the threesome relationship developed, it just wasn’t quite there for me emotionally. There were moments where I felt for the characters and connected to their feelings, but those mainly involved Trevor and Edgard. One that comes to mind was when Trevor held Edgard’s hand in the truck, which meant a lot to Edgard since Trevor previously thought it was risky to show any signs of affection due to the way their community negatively views same sex couples.

With that being said, I thought the weakest link in the threesome was Chassie and Edgard’s bond. I understood how Edgard could have some feelings towards her, but I wasn’t moved by the moments they were alone together. Their bond felt kind of empty to me. This was disappointing since I thought Chassie was a cool character. I liked how she wasn’t a mean wife but instead was understanding. I didn‘t see her as being in the way of Trevor and Edgard’s relationship (nor did I see Edgard as being way in the of Trevor and Chassie), and I didn’t see her as giving in to what Trevor wants. I thought it was a good point that she realized Edgard fulfilled Trevor in a way she could never have (it’s not the gay sex, but the kind of companionship Edgard gives Trevor). That doesn’t mean Chassie and Trevor's love is inferior. It’s just different. Ultimately, I saw this threesome as Trevor being in love with two people and vice versa, but luckily for him not only are these two people willing to share, they also have room in their hearts for the other person.

Sex was hot, but the m/m parts were way more intense. Trevor’s and Edgard’s emotions were shown more strongly.

Overall, a pretty good read. Not my favorite in the Rough Riders series, but I was happy to see Trevor and Edgard finally work things out, and I was satisfied how the author handled the complication of Trevor being married and yet still being in love with Edgard.