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Branded as Trouble (Rough Riders series #6)

Branded as Trouble  - Lorelei James

Got it from the library. (isbn 13: 9781605042992)

Reading Challenges:
Sexy Series – Trying to read 6 books in the Rough Riders series. This is my 6th.
Where Are You Reading? – Takes place in Wyoming.

My Thoughts:
I liked India from her appearance in Tied Up, Tied Down. Colt’s character has been built over several books. I thought it was quite amazing to see how far he has come from the horrible lifestyle he had, and I loved his appearance in Rough, Raw, and Ready in which he helped Chassie out. Therefore, I was very much looking forward to seeing India and Colt finally get together.

Unfortunately this book did not live up to my expectations. Mainly, I didn’t like how Colt and India’s relationship progressed. The pacing was really weird. A huge chunk of the book was dedicated to them having sex. I’m not kidding. Chapter after chapter was sex, sex, and more sex. Luckily, these parts were not boring and were actually quite steamy or else I would have given this a lower rating. There were some emotional developments between India and Colt like them learning to trust each other and be honest with their feelings, but those parts felt completely rushed especially at the end of the book.

I did not care for the pregnancy scare that resulted from India and Colt having unprotected sex. I found that tiring. I wish the author did something different instead of that old trope, because I was honestly expecting something better. In relation to that, I hated how India was turning out to be another woman who was craving to be a mom. It seemed out of character for her. Can’t lovers be together and be happy without the act of marriage and kids? *sigh* Some variety would be nice, because it peeves me how the women in the previous books show up and are continuously pregnant, like they don’t have anything else to do.

There was only one particular part I loved and that was when Cam stood up for Colt and chewed out his dad and brothers. That was the best.