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A Night, a Secret...a Child (Harlequin Presents #2921)

A Night, A Secret...A Child - Miranda Lee

Oooh another secret baby plot by Harlequin. I first have to point out that the characters can be detestable. Nicholas is a jerk at times to Serina, but I still managed to like him. Serina on the other hand takes the cake. She is a total coward and very selfish. At first, I could understand the mistakes she made like not breaking her engagement off with the other guy after she got pregnant with Nicholas's baby. But deeper into the story, I found it harder to feel sorry for Serina, because she still holds this expectation that Nicholas should come back to her and fight for his love for her even when she pushes away and tells him no. This kind of thinking is what ended their relationship in the first place, and here she is with a second chance to make things right and is still in love with Nicholas and yet she's not being straightforward with him. Yeesh.


So why am I giving this 4 stars? Well... I was still entertained by the story itself. Somehow I wasn't totally turned off by Serina's actions. I enjoyed Nicholas's side of the story, and I was glad when he finally got his happy ending.