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Legacy of the Witch (The Portal, #0.5)

Legacy of the Witch (The Portal, #0.5) - Maggie Shayne

Source: Freebie on the Kindle.

Reading Challenges:
-Men in Uniform (Harrison is a soldier).
-Why Buy the Cow?
-Sexy Series

My Thoughts:
I bought Mark of the Witch on a whim, because I was in the mood for a book with witches. I'm glad I checked GoodReads first before reading it, because I didn't know there was a free prequel, and of course I had to read the prequel first.

I'm glad I did, because it definitely seems to set up the series. There's a good amount of back story about the witches and this mysterious box. The prequel doesn't focus on any of the witches but is told from Amarrah's point of view; she was a friend and servant to the witches in her past life. I thought the reincarnation aspect was handled well, and I liked how flashbacks were sprinkled throughout the story.